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Polly is an analytics and visualization platform of interpersonal polymedia mobile communication. The platform is currently used by linguists to study polymedia nature of mobile communication, and for studying communications taking place during emergency events. [Currently under development]

Ambulatory Telemedicine Solution

The Ambulatory Telemedicine solution started as a project exploring new possibilities of tele medicine provided by low cost “off the shelf” mobile computing and communication devices and the Swedish 4G mobile networks. The initial focus on a strict paramedics use was soon expanded to also cover home care. The low cost, but high quality, solution allowed physician to meet and talk with their patients, either being inbound to hospital, or while being provided professional care within the patients home. The Ambulatory Telemedicine solution was developed in collaboration between Gothenburg University, Region Västragötaland, Region Västragötaland IT, Uddevalla County, NU Hospital Group, Skaraborg Ambulance Services, and TUCAP Lindholmen Science Park.

Outpatient participating in remote examination with her physician.


LiveResponse is an infrastructure, online platform and mobile toolset used by emergency responders to produce live-streaming visual situation reports, capture ongoing work, and much more. LiveResponse was developed in collaboration with the Fire and Rescue Service of Greater Gothenburg, 112 – SOS Alarm AB, Region Västragötaland, and the Swedish Traffic department. More information at

LiveResponse allows incident reports to be live streamed as visual persistent logs


Roadsmart is a precursor to LiveResponse, enabling emergency response personnel to utilize the network of traffic surveillance cameras deployed by the Swedish Traffic department and Gothenburg City Roads office. Roadsmart was developed in collaboration with the Fire and Rescue Service of Greater Gothenburg, Region Västragötaland, and the Swedish Traffic department.

Synaps PatientView

Synaps PatientView is a mobile medical platform intended to deliver patient information to medical personnel in their acts of mobile work. This was at the time considered a radical break compared to the hospital standard of “computer stations”. PatientView was developed as a module to the larger Synaps medical platform in collaboration between Gothenburg University, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and Synaps AB.


Columbus was an early attempt at exploring the use of geo-tagged content, location services, mobile maps, and emerging mobile computing platforms. Columbus allowed the user to explore their digital surroundings while physically moving about. Images posted by Flickr users would become visible for the user while moving into proximity of the geotag location. The work included the development of a mobile maps service, maps API, API integration, and mobile client for the Nokia S60 series devices.

“Koll på läget”

“Currents” is a dashboard/mash-up style application designed to provide firefighters a window to the world outside of the station. The information presented to the user is a combination of geo-located incident reports from previous  local incidents, location specific notifications, news, as well as traffic and weather information. This allows the users to be aware of the work and incidents attended to by other local fire crews, vital information such as planned over-night events at schools or sport centers, current local conditions including road works, but also the reporting from local news. The mobile device was introduced and used in the social areas of a fire station where social dialoge was common. The work was conducted in collaboration with Gothenburg University, the Greater Gothenburg Fire and Rescue Service, Angered Fire Station, and the Viktoria Institute.

“Currents” allows firefighters to browse local information and incident data
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