Aspects of digitizing response work interests me a great deal, and recent years innovation and adoption of services, methods and devices have been truly interesting to study. What we have seen is that communication, documentation, and many more aspects of work are getting digitized, thus allowing for new kinds of content to be generated and made part of response activities. One environment to study such change is “situation rooms”. These work intensive, white board clad, and collaboratory environments have seen huge changes in the last couple of years. What struck me today is that I found i predecessor to todays “smartboard” that had completely gone me by. Printing whiteboards allows for digital copies to be made, stored, shared and of course, printed. We commonly see whiteboards being photographed for backup, sharing and to make permanent as part of emergency response work and other similar and related disciplines. I have however not seen a whiteboard able of doing those tasks themselves. (And maybe it not all to hard to imagine why I haven’t seen these devices in the wild.) Here is a video for you to consider. Would features relate to situation room work as we know it today?