Today is a tragic day in Sweden. Just an hour ago a young man was attacked with a knife at a Swedish high school, and the culprit is still not arrested. The police is not searching for witnesses, and their are not only questioning people at the location, and going from door to door in the immediate neighborhood, they are also searching the Internet through Twitter to find witnesses. A few minutes a go they released this snippet from a longer statement on Twitter:

Polisen söker vittne till mordförsök: En man blev allvarligt knivskadad vid Vallentuna Gymnasium under onsdagsmo…

[The police is searching for witnesses to an attempted murder: A man was seriously injured  when attacked with a knife at Vallentuna high school wednesday morning…]

This is not the first time the Swedish police utilizes online media to search for witnesses. It would be really interesting to know if the method yields any results, and what the effects of such a strategy is.

All schools in the area are currently under lockdown until the culprit is apprehended. Our thoughts go to all effected by this tragic event, and we hope that the young man attacked, and the community, will soon recover.